Consign with us and turn your stuff into money. Consider the alternatives:
  • Yard Sales and Classified Ads – What a hassle! After a lot of time and effort and getting bombarded with low offers, you will finally accept a lot less than your stuff is worth just because you are tired of dealing with it.
  • Pawn shops – You will get pennies on the dollar.
  • Other Consignment Stores - Most consignment shops specialize in clothing and antiques. When it comes to tools, they just don’t know what they are dealing with. Some tools are priced way too low causing you to lose money. Some tools are priced way too high and NEVER SELL. Most consignment shops take 60% or more as their commission.

Tool Belt Consignments will sell your tools, equipment, materials, hardware, automotive, boat, and hobby stuff for the highest price possible. We will SELL IT FAST using prominent placement in our store as well as our many online sales avenues. Our commissions are the lowest around. End up with the most money in your pocket... CONSIGN WITH US!

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still want to know more, feel free to call, email, or just stop in.

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Consignor Frequently Asked Questions


When goods are sold on consignment the profits are split between the consignment shops and the people who bring the items in to be sold. Most consignment shops won't accept any merchandise unless it looks good and is in good working order. For this reason, goods in consignment shops sell at a higher price than goods found at thrift shops. Because the owners of consignment shops have to split their profits, they want to get the highest price possible in exchange for their goods.

YES. Consignments are by appointment only. Appointments are scheduled Tuesday through Friday 9:00 - 5:00. Due to heavy retail traffic, no consignments are accepted on Saturdays.

Tool Belt Consignments, LLC will pay you 50% of the sale price on your items that sold during the month. Your check for items sold will be ready for pick up between the 1st and the 10th of the month after your item sold. (ex. September checks are available for pick up October 1st through 10th) At your request, we can send your payment by PayPal or you can always use your profits as store credit for your next purchase too!

Items are accepted on a 90-day consignment period. Items will be marked down 10% from the original price after 30 days and 20% of original price after 60 days. EXCEPTIONS ARE MADE FOR EQUIPMENT AND UNIQUE ITEMS THAT MAY TAKE LONGER TO SELL.

Your items will be priced based on the market value of the item. In general, it will be approximately 60% of the new retail price for the item. Market values vary based on condition, season, desirability, age, etc.

Tools, lawn equipment, construction equipment, hunting and fishing (seasonal), automotive, boating (seasonal) and select building materials will be accepted for consignment. .If you have questions about an item, it is best to email us a picture and a model number. If you have a large quantities of items, it is best to send us a list of what you have. We can then advise you on what to bring and when to bring it. ALL ITEMS MUST BE CLEAN, RUST FREE AND IN GOOD WORKING ORDER.

Give us a call, we can arrange to pickup your item in our local area. Pick ups can be arranged for large quantities as well. Pickups are scheduled on Mondays and usually need to be scheduled 3-6 months in advance.

No, our inventory will be listed online as well. If an item is sold on eBay, the eBay fees will be subtracted from the sale price prior to calculating the consignment split.

At the end of the 90-day consignment period the Consignor is given 30 days to pick up unsold items. At the end of 30 business days we are no longer responsible for storing your items, the commission split ends and items are non-retrievable. Un-sold items left after 30 days are abandoned by the consignor and become property of Tool Belt Consignments LLC to recycle, sell or otherwise remove for disposal.